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Sunday, August 1st

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A Message from Msgr. Fuhrman:

My brother Tom had a storied career in the United States Air Force, much of it spent as a test pilot on the famous SR-71 Blackbird, the most advanced spy plane ever to fly. He had a friend in the Air ForceTest Pilot School named Kevin Chilton. Both Tom and Kevin were and are responsible Catholics. Tom went into the "Black" top-secret spy program, and Kevin went to NASA and became an astronaut. He would eventually fly three missions into space, and dock with the International Space Station. On each of the three space shots, Kevin sought and received permission for him to bring along the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist. He and his fellow American astronauts were all Catholics. 

Watch this 6-minute video if you want to hear what it feels like to go into space, and the great witness Kevin gives to his Eucharistic Faith. Kevin went on to become a Four-Star General in the Air Force, and he retired as such.

Have your children see this video. Chilton is an American hero who has excelled in life. Real men love the Catholic Faith and above all, the Holy Eucharist.

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